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Food Halls host diverse vendors with menus from around the globe. A typical Food Hall may have a few established brands in addition to trending food concepts and local startups. The goal is to create a dynamic destination space that encourages repeat visits. Along with creating a welcoming space, the kitchen exhaust system must be equally dynamic and adaptable.

You'll Learn

A full understanding of all Halton's system components for multi tenant Adaptable Kitchen Ventilation System. 
All the factors that need to be considered when
assessing the design and the system of a Food Hall.

How to provide a successful implementation of an Adaptable Kitchen Ventilation System. 

How Halton can help ensure a memorable customer experience while providing an  Adaptable Food Hall Design.





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Halton’s Adaptive Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System has a high degree of design flexibility to suit virtually any Food Hall design.

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Base building, Halton KEFB 
Exhaust Fan or PolluStop 
Pollution Control System

  • KEF-B Heavy Duty Grease Management exhaust fan. 

  • PolluStop load-dependent modular design allows for many configurations to suit site conditions. 

  • Filters residual grease from exhaust hoods and absorbs odor for discharge. 

  • Virtually unlimited programs available for site-specific sequence of operation and system monitoring.

Vendor Space Kitchen Ventilation System

  • Capture JetTM high-efficiency exhaust hood. Can be connected to a common exhaust duct. 
    • Optional Ultra Violet light module in the hood system breaks grease down and creates ozone contributing to odor mitigation. 

    • Protection of building roof membrane – high velocity fan and/or UV Capture Ray exhaust hoods reduces grease deposition on the roof membrane. 
  • Vendor space touch screen to monitor system status. 

  • Balance make up air per tenant from individual units or from a central system.

M.A.R.V.E.L. Demand Control Ventilation 

  • Adaptive Hood System controls integrator. 

  • Master with the base building system.
  • Manages overall exhaust and system monitoring.

  • Individual Vendor status HMI. 

  • Signal for makeup air within a vendor or common space.

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Download your guide to ensure a successful implementation of your commercial kitchen exhaust system.

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Listen as Chef Mikko walks your through Halton's Adaptable Kitchen Exhaust System that will provide you with the basis for successful design and operation of your Food Hall facility.

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